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Refocus Your Resources

Most manufacturers and importers do not require electrical rework and refurbishment technical staff, facilities and equipment 24/7/365.

Carrying this redundant capability is an expensive burden for companies. Diverting staff away from their core duties to deal with reworks also carries significant commercial risks.

Outsourcing your reworking and refurbishment requirements enables you to focus all of your company’s resources on the essential task of income generation.

outsource reworking

Outsourcing Electrical Reworking and Refurbishment

The need to operate as competitively as possible means that most manufacturers and importers of electrical appliances operate with little or no spare capacity in terms of staff, facilities or equipment. Where fault diagnosis and reworking tasks suddenly become an issue, this will inevitably mean diverting high level technical staff away from important core activities.

In a situation where products have been recalled or rejected because of a failure in Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme standards compliance, this adds a further time cost while rectification and approval applications are carried out.

Any or all of these factors can delay the manufacturing process, cause order fulfillments to become late, and tie up large quantities of expensive goods in red tape at the clearing house when they need to be on shelves earning revenue for your company.

A Complete Solution

When you outsource your electrical rework and refurbishment to us, we can offer you a complete, outsourced solution from picking up the faulty products, analysing the problem and developing a rework solution. With highly trained staff and modern facilities, we can carry out electrical appliance rework and refurbishment quickly, competently and then deliver the products directly wherever they need to go, all the time allowing you to focus your resources on your core business activities.

We can also reduce some of the administrative costs to your company associated with corporate reporting requirements for repair activity and failure analysis, by providing all of the necessary documentation with the faulty products.