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Meet Regulations

Regulatory compliance issues can stop an electrical appliance dead in its tracks. Your company won’t be able to recoup its investment in R&D, manufacturing and logistics until your product is on shelves being sold.

While some requirements are internationally recognised, countries often have certain specific standards that must be adhered to. As a manufacturer or importer, keeping tabs on regulatory issues such as compliance with the EESS Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme (formerly SAA Approvals) can be a costly administrative burden.

By allowing Rework & Refurbish to assess your electrical products’ conformity with International and Australian Regulatory Compliance standards, your shipments will not be held up by red tape.

electrical compliance inspection

Eliminate non-compliance issues

Our technical team can inspect your electrical products to determine their compatibility with Australia and New Zealand’s Electrical Equipment Safety Standards (EESS), the replacement scheme for SAA Approvals, as well as other international requirements, either pre- or post rework.

To ensure these regulatory compliance standards are adhered to at all times, we can conduct quality assurance testing and pre-shipment inspections of electrical products.

Ensuring Future Compliance

Before your products are reworked or refurbished, we can conduct a thorough assessment of the items to determine exactly why they failed. We will provide your company with fault code analysis reporting which will enable you to implement design and/or production improvements or communicate these issues to your suppliers.

By ensuring electrical product regulatory compliance in this way, you will be able to dramatically reduce the likelihood of product returns and reduce the future cost of product reworking.