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Environmental Stewardship

Environmental responsibility is a key concern for electrical goods companies. Not only because of legislative measures put in place by governments, but also due to consumer concerns over companies’ environmental attitudes.

In Australia in particular, environmental stewardship of electrical goods is slowly becoming a mandatory requirement, with some state governments moving towards an outright ban on the disposal of appliances in landfill.

Rework & Refurbish can provide a number of specialised services in electrical refurbishment and recycling to help your company meet its environmental obligations.


Electrical Appliance Refurbishment

Financial or logistical constraints may result in a decision by your company to scrap a consignment of electrical products rather than attempt to rework or refurbish them.

Not only does this create unnecessary landfill waste, but it can seriously damage your brand’s reputation in terms of its environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Rework & Refurbish can help protect your environmental credentials by repairing faulty goods, and we can even help you to generate an income stream from retailing of the refurbished products via ‘seconds’ outlets.


Occasionally, it just is not viable to rework or refurbish a product, meaning the only option is disposal. In most cases though, disposal carries a significant cost in itself.

As an alternative to disposal, the technicians at Rework & Refurbish are able to carefully disassemble your items. Re-usable components can then be retained as spare parts for future repairs, with other materials sorted and sent for recycling.